May the fangs be with you: Mark Hamill sends Lazlo “On the Run” on What We Do in the Shadows

When Lazlo’s archenemy comes for a fight to the death, Lazlo runs away and goes “On the Run” and ends up as a bartender in Penslyvania where he becomes a hometown hero in his second life.

First of all, Mark Hamill is such an underappreciated comedic actor and a man of such diversity, it’s a shame that few people realize it. The man is hilarious.

This episode is such a great example of how this show manages to succeed doing the type of filler episodes that would kill other shows. The writing is all on point and hilarious, and carried by talented and charismatic actors playing charismatic characters in situations so ridiculous that the premise of this silly show is always taken advantage of to the fullest.

Think about it… this entire episode hinges on the fact that no one can recognize Lazlo when he has a toothpick in his mouth. Guys, that’s a premise so silly that even Family Guy would look at it and say, “That’s not believable enough for our show!”

Yet, What We Do in the Shadows makes it work.

This is one of those rare wonderful shows that knows its premise and manages to continue exploiting it every episode to its fullest extent. It takes talent to make this happen… honestly, some shows with more interesting premises can’t exploit their premises as much as this show does.

Another fantastically funny episode, “On the Run” was shouldered by Matt Berry and he carried it fantastically. I love it when a show is so good that any one of the cast can be featured individually and it never bogs down because everyone is just wonderful.

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