What We Do in the Shadows’ “Colin’s Promotion” shows that he’s much more than a one-note character.

Colin Robinston gets a promotion and, soon, finds himself as the most powerful vampire in the house as Nadia makes the horrifying discovery that Nandor sacked and burned her hometown village hundreds of years ago.

Colin Robinson… he’s been a one-note character. A boring guy who bores people with his boring life and then feeds on the boredom. That’s really it. Sure, he had one episode devoted to him and his energy-vampire girlfriend, but on the whole he could be removed from the series and there would be very little difference.

I like the guy, but he has been forgettable at best. If he dissapeared for an episode or two, I woudn’t notice.

That’s what I loved about this episode. Taking a character like Colin Robinson and adding new depth to him… making him more interesting and even a bigger threat than we could ever imagine.

I’ve said this before, but Colin Robinson is the most devious and, dare I say, evil resident in the household and I’ve always thought that, if there were a power struggle, he would probably come out the winner on ambition alone, but now that we’ve seen a Colin completely powered up, I have no doubt at all that he would be the clear victor.

I also like how Colin Robinson is a parasite that doesn’t know when to stop which explains why he elects not to actually get hired at the places he works and choses to graze instead of gorge. In “Colin’s Promotion,” he’s basically a drug addict that gets more and more powerful with every hit he takes.

It’s always the quiet ones.

As for the main three, the quibbling and quarreling was another delightful non sequitur, made even more hilarious by Natasia Demetriou’s complete commitment to her rage.

Another hilarious entry into What We Do in the Shadows.

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