Harley Quinn gives us the unexpectedly touching, “Thawing Hearts”

While Ivy and Kite Man work on booking the wedding venue of Kite Man’s dreams for the wedding that is totally going to happen, Harley, Clayface, King Shark, and Doctor Psycho confront Mr. Freeze who elects to use them as Guinea pigs to come up with a treatment to save his frozen wife.

Okay, I’m not sold on the Ivy/Kite Man wedding because I just feel like we’re being strung along at this point and we all know it won’t happen, I have to admit that the theme of this week’s episode was quite touching and really added a layer not only to who Harley is now, but who she has been… namely, she’s still dealing with psychological damage done to her in an incredibly abusive relationship and she has been processing it in very unhealthy ways.

I like that Harley is not okay. I like it that her healing process is gradual. To me – and this says a lot about a animated television series that also features a talking shark and a dramatic pile of mud – it makes Harley Quinn feel more realistic.

The idea that she is not only done with love, but also rejects the very idea of it shows us that she’s basically never really known what actual caring love is and, to see it demonstrated by Ivy and Kite Man and then by Mr. Freeze of all people has been a wake up call for her. It may have been a little overwritten, but it’s an important revelation for Harley to see that live does not have to be unrequited, nor does it have to victimize.

Mr. Freeze giving his life for Nora was genuinely touching, even if it was melodramatic as melodrama can get.

As usual, the episode was hysterical and it’s great to see Harley working towards her goals again as, to me, it’s always been the show’s greatest strength.

Who knows… maybe I’m in the same boat as Harley when I bad mouth the Ivy/Kite Man romance and I should just give it a chance to develop.

Nah… it’s doomed.

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