“Brain Scramblies” shows a kinder, gentler group of blood suckers

After being invited to a Super Bowl party, Lazlo and Nandor accidentally over-hypnotize their host, Nadia reconnects with a very old friend, all while Guillermo accidentally attends a vampire slayer meet and greet.

I think I’ve finally figured out what this show reminds me of. Anyone remember The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? In it, these two wealthy idiots were placed on a farm or something and had to navigate their way around such quaint yokel customs like going to Walmart and actually working for a living.

Folks… that’s what What We Do in the Shadows is! A bunch of people, hopelessly out of touch with society, trying to blend in, but too stupid to realize they can’t.

My gosh… could this whole series be a commentary on celebrity culture as a whole?

The vampire trio is just so blissfully unaware of what they are doing that, in the process of torturing the poor guy they actually over-hypnotized in the first place, they gleefully past themselves on the back commenting on what a great thing they’ve done.

This is Gal Godot singing Imagine from her mansion.

The thing that I like about these vampire characters in this episode is that they’ve established themselves as lawful evil… they’re not above killing, but they must follow a code and, if they decide that they must abstain from killing, they abstain. In fact, I would also place them in the lawful neural category as nothing they do is motivated by spite or malevolence, they just do what they do, blissfully unaware of how horrific it is.

This episode was full of highlights. I laughed when Nandor kept coming up with the worst excuses possible to explain why he and Lazlo were in the bathroom. Nadia had several wonderful scenes trying to fit in with the housewives and reconnecting with her old friend.

The Guillermo story dragged everything down which is weird because it should have worked, both comedically and advancing his story arch. The problem is, it was predictable and never seemed to take off in any useful direction.

Overall, though, it was another immensely hilarious installment.

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