“Gone With a Trace” Sees the Return of Ahsoka Tano to The Clone Wars

The episode that saw Ahsoka leave the Jedi order was one of the series’ most powerful. It showed harsh consequences, an unforgivable betrayal, and a heart permanently broken. It’s episodes like that one that makes me all the more irritated when The Clone Wars do the exact opposite… show no consequences. It’s why I didn’t care for the first few episodes of this new season. I know this show is capable of more than what it decided to premiere with.

After a whole season’s absence, Ahsoka is back, accidentally making her way into the seedy underbelly of Coruscant and trying to decide what her next move is going to be. It turns out that her next move is made for her as her speeder breaks down and literally lands her on the doorstep of a mechanic named Trace who has big dreams of her own, but she also has a big sister calling the shots on a lot of questionable jobs that test Ahsoka’s character and loyalties to herself and a philosophy she may not necessarily believe in anymore.

An episode like this is a welcome change to the often clunky multi-parters that The Clone Wars is known for. I enjoy an episode that has a beginning, middle, and end without waiting weeks for it to unfold. Granted, I’m not against muti-parters if they are done correctly, but getting a complete story in one sitting is a nice, refreshing change.

While it did have its fair share of action, “Gone With a Trace” hooked me more with the conversations between Trace and Ahsoka, particularly how the normies of Coruscant’s lower levels viewed the Jedi as authoritarian. It makes a lot of sense in the long run that the Jedi would be seen as unfavorable, given how quickly they are dismissed and forgotten by the time of the original trilogy.

There was some action and it looked great. The fight between Ahsoka and the goons was fluid and exciting, and the droid chase was a lot of fun.

I enjoyed Ahsoka’s return and look forward to seeing her journey towards becoming the Fulcrum we came to know and love on Star Wars Rebels.

I wouldn’t call this episode powerful and memorable, but I enjoyed its philosophical discussions and will always love Ahsoka. Can’t wait to see more of her.

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