Harley Quinn Reminds Us “You’re a Damn Good Cop, Jim Gordon” Even Though He’s Totally Not

Set up in their new hideout, Harley Quinn and her crew are still trying to get the attention of The Legion of Doom by robbing Bruce Wayne, but in the robbery, Clayface’s arm is left behind and captured by Batman who turns it over to Commissioner Gordon for questioning since, strangely enough, it’s alive and has the mind of a child. Also, Jim Gordon is slowly going crazy because of his disintegrating marriage and his crumbling friendship with Batman.

Even though it’s got the strangest premise yet, sadly, this is the weakest episode of the series so far. That’s not to say that it’s bad because it has the usual humor and effective jokes, but it seems to be traded off for predictability. Pretty much everything you expect to happen ends up happening and most of the surprises that I’ve come to associate with this series up and vanishes for much of the episode.

What I did appreciate is Harley Quinn’s ability to not give a single solitary flip about DC’s sacred cows, turning Jim Gordon – arguably one of the most boring and predictable characters in comics, television, and movies – into an unhinged and psychotic ticking time bomb.

Basically, do you remember how Batman: The Brave and the Bold turned Aquaman into the best character on the show even though he was kind of a joke? Harley Quinn does the same thing with Gordon and it’s wonderfully hilarious.

As I said, though, the rest of the plot is painfully predictable. Harley convinces Batman to rekindle his friendship with Gordon as we thought she would, Clayface is reunited with his arm as we knew he would be, the vlogger who was trashing Harley and her gang turns out to be a teenager which is probably the most predictable joke of the entire episode.

Still, I wouldn’t call this episode a failure because it totally isn’t. It is still funny, still silly, and still everything you expect from this series. A few surprises would have been nice, but if this is the worst that this series plans on getting, I’ll be fine with it.

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