‘The Mandalorian’ Sues for Full Custody in “The Sin”

Mandi takes Baby Yoda to the Empire and collects his bounty, but like the rest of the internet, he loves the little green guy and will do whatever he can to protect it.

Three episodes in and The Mandalorian just keeps getting better and better. I’m enjoying the heck out of this Western in space which takes the broad well of Star Wars and dips firmly into it while sprinkling its own combination of seasonings and flavors into the bucket and, while sometimes you wonder just what the heck you’re drinking, the taste is always great.

This week sees Mandi take little Baby Yoda (do do dodododo) to the empire, only to grapple with his own decision… his own sin. I love when episode titles can be taken in so many ways: What was Mandi’s sin? Was it taking the baby to the empire for money, receiving the metal from the Empire who stole it in the first place, or was it reneging on the bounty to save the baby? Perhaps the sin is that of the Empire’s or of the other Mandalorians? Maybe it’s the violation of the bounty hunter’s code? Maybe it’s referring to the clickbait websites on Facebook that won’t stop spoiling the episodes in their posts?

Whatever the case, The Mandalorian has proven itself to be a program with layers, the titular character is more than the hardened man with no name, and some evils are far too dark to be ignored even when ones own moral compass is missing a needle.

The drama is perfect, the atmosphere is perfect (and so easy to absorb when so few words are spoken on screen), and the action sequences are perfect. Everything about this show is perfect… I with I could nitpick something, but I would be lying.

I loved this episode, I love this show… it’s amazing.

This is the way.

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