Dallas Fan Days

I took the weekend this week and went to Dallas for the annual Fan Days event, a moderately sized comic book and sci-fi convention that is held every fall at the Irving Convention Center.

First of all, I met Ethan Peck, the latest to play Spock on Star Trek. He was a great guy and when I went to go give the Vulcan salute for our picture, I messed up and gave the “Steers Up” sign, the sign for my students to be quiet, instead. He followed suit because it was the logical thing to do.

After this, I was giggling so hard that I took one of the worst pictures of my life.

Ethan Peck was very chill and, given that there was almost no one in the autograph line since he arrived a day early and the show had just started, we chatted for a couple of minutes. In short, super nice guy and CBS needs to greenlight the Captain Pike show yesterday.

I don’t watch Riverdale, but my daughters do and they’re in love with every male cast member so, I snapped this picture (against the rules, I know… but I couldn’t resist) and sent it to them… mostly because they think they’re too cool to come with their old dad anymore and I knew this would torture them.

Oh, look. It’s one of those “lame people” nobody knows. Ugh… kids today.

Yes, it was a long line, but… I’m “Olmos” there!

Edward James Olmos is a legend as far as I’m concerned and meeting him was a true honor. He’s such a great guy, too. He took time to greet everyone, shake their hand, have a small conversation with them, and thank for for coming by. Exceedingly pleasant and wonderful all around.

Anson Mount, Captain Pike from Star Trek: Discovery… the most popular starship captain that doesn’t have a TV show (You hearing this, CBS? Do you not like money or something?)

Mount was charming, friendly… Guys, he was Captain Pike. So awesome.

Patrick Warburton was super friendly as well. Certainly more thoughtful than his voice parts and acting parts let on. We talked briefly about The Tick. He thought it was ahead of its time and I completely agreed…. the world was simply not ready for it. I was distressed by the complete lack of Kronk at his table, but I’m happy with a Brock Sampson to hang on my wall.

Finally, Anthony Daniels. I’ve heard stories about him being rude, but the reality is completely the opposite. He was cordial, charming, very friendly, and I cannot begin to imagine where the rumors of his unpleasant behavior came from. He’s also my first Star Wars autograph.

Despite meeting some neat people and sitting on The Iron Throne, I do have to voice my disappointment at this years Fan Expo… there were painfully few celebrity guests, only one voice actor, and very little to do outside of that. A ball was dropped, that’s for sure. I’ve never seen such a light turn out for such an underwhelming event and it is squarely on the shoulders of the organizers. You’d think that, by this point, they would learn to overbook celebrities because, inevitably, some are going to cancel. It’s just the way of things!

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