‘Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans’ is Simply Lazy, Low-Effort Stupidity

I hate Teen Titans Go! so much but, as you recall, I was pleasantly surprised by Teen Titans Go to the Movies, their initial theatrical outing as it was clever, funny, and actually had the Titans behaving as a team who cared about each other.

So, needless to say, I was willing to give their second movie a shot too, even if it did go straight to video… especially since it pits the annoying current version of the Teen Titans against their much better predecessors as Teen Titans Go! fight the Teen Titans for the fate of the world.

Trigon, Raven’s dad, has resurrected the original Trigon, the original Raven’s dad, obviously… and must suck out Raven’s (the Go! version) inner demon to restore OG Trigon to his former glory. To do that, and to make the movie as convoluted as possible, both Trigons conspire to make the Teen Titans of two universes fight in an arena… for… some reason. I guess to justify the movie’s name.

However, once the ruse is discovered, both teams must become one to keep the mutiverse from getting destroyed by both Trigons.


It’s not that great.

Sure, there’s a couple of genuine laughs every now and then, but the movie is too annoying, too self-aware, and too low-effort to really be entertaining to one such as me… someone who hates Teen Titans Go! in the first place. It’s just not made for me.

Teen Titans Go! is a notoriously lazy television show, going for cheap gags, awkward humor, and terrible flash animation. Teen Titans Go to the Movies rose above that and actually delivered something that anyone could enjoy but Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans is just another cheap, awkward, and lazy effort that has a great premise just sitting in front of it waiting to be exploited, but the movie never bothers to even try to make it work in any way that isn’t predictable and dumb.

You literally have an infinite number of alternate versions of the Teen Titans to explore and, what does this movie do? It goes for the most obvious — the universes that the Go! team jokingly said would exist an hour before and then the versions we all saw coming — the silver age team from the comics (which has already been done much better by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the PG-13 team from the direct to video Titans movies, and then… stupid versions that are just… stupid. I don’t mind stupid if it is funny, but none of this is… none of it.

They could have mixed animation styles, they could have dropped the live-action Titans in as a throwaway gag… the could have done innumerable things, but they went with the most obvious and predictable.

I guess that’s my major problem with this movie… it’s obvious and predictable. Nothing surprises, nothing shocks… everything is telegraphed and safe.

There was one moment… one brief wonderful moment with the movie genuinely did something that shocked me when one Trigon betrayed the other… I mean, we knew that was going to happen, but the way it happened was so quick and unexpected that… I laughed. It was genuinely funny. I wish that there had been more of that in the movie, but no… it’s the one bright shining example in a comedy black hole.

Some people will love it for the reappearance of the original team, but I don’t have nostalgia glasses for the original team because I never watched the original Teen Titans either so, for me… this movie is just a big, stupid, low-effort waste.

Maybe it wasn’t made for me.

Actually, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t made for me, but neither was Teen Titans Go to the Movies and I loved that film.

Funny what happens when actual effort is put into something.

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