The Lion King on Broadway

Despite the fact that I have been involved in theater in one way or another since I was eight… Despite the fact that I have been cast in musicals, farces, dramas, and the like… Despite the fact that I have a degree in theater and have taught it to others, my secret shame is… I have never seen a broadway show.

Heck, I haven’t even seen an Off Broadway show or even an Off Off Broadway show.

I finally put an end to this shameful black mark in my life when the family and I took in a showing of The Lion King on Broadway.

The show itself is amazing. Uplifting, colorful, clever… the music and songs are well realized and the costuming and sets are incredible. It beats the heck out of that boring Lion King live action remake… and just goes to show that theatricality and imagination will beat corporate cash grabs any day.

Getting ready with the appropriate tie.
Lookit how pretty my family looks when I’m standing with them improving the real estate.
She just can’t stand not being the center of attention.
The kids loved it.

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