‘Final Space’ Goes Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey in “The Remembered”

We’ve been told for weeks that something big was going down with this episode and it was not the creators hyping it up. So, if you haven’t seen “The Remembered,” I strongly advise you not to read this review and, if you have seen “The Remembered,” I also strongly advise you not to read this review because… let’s face it… I suck.

Last chance! Stop reading!

For the love of Avis, what’s wrong with you!?

All right, so… After the crew of the Crimson Light accidentally travel back in time, Gary decides it’s a perfect chance to nab another dimensional key, one of the keys to unlocking Final Space. However, to get that key, they’re going to have to face off against the Lord Commander and his henchman… Avacato.

To say that this episode was a doozy is actually understating it. So many loose threads tied, so many callbacks… Episodes like this are usually canon breakers, but “The Remembered” seemed to be planned in advance to the point that it fits into the timeline almost perfectly. Keeping in mind that I am not a continuity pornographer, I can still respect and admire the thought that went into how and why this episode fits. I mean, sure… there are questions. Did Avacato know the whole time that he was destined to meet a guy named Gary and die in an explosion? Part of me wants to chalk it up to the time travel shenanigans that episodes like this cause… another part of me believes that something else is going on and, honestly… it could go either way. If I were to conjecture, I think my head would explode.

It’s always great to hear the silky sultry voice of Coty Galloway’s Avacato and he was always a favorite of mine from the first season. I’ll be honest, it was the infamous “Chapter Six” that really got me into the Final Space universe and cemented me as a fan. For a character that’s been dead for most of the series’ run, it’s amazing how long a shadow that Avacato has cast on the show.

Rather than seeing his death as a fixed, sacred point that could never be undone, I was actually cheering with joy when Gary and Little Cato rescued him, even if it did mean seeing Gary stranded planetside for months afterward. Seems to me, a few months of doing nothing would be a small price to pay to get a friend back. If I chill out on a planet for a couple of months, can we have Stan Lee back?

Then again, the rescue does come with consequences as Avacato doesn’t remember Gary or his time on the Galaxy One making the end scene both joyous, bittersweet, and a little sinister… Is this the pre-Gary Avacato now suddenly mixed with the crew of the Crimson Light still under the bidding of the Lord Commander? Is it the Avacato we knew and loved? I hate to pull out the cliche, but only time will tell.

Great, there goes my anxiety.

It was also so nice to see the Lord Commander return for the briefest of cameos. While Invictus is the big bad behind the scenes pulling the strings and scratching at the door of the universe, the second season of Final Space has been sorely missing a flesh and blood antagonist and, seeing the Lord Commander again, makes me miss that element in the story. He was such a great character. David Tennant is just such an awesome voice actor and the scene between him and Gary was just so heavy and well written.

Can you believe this guy is also Scrooge McDuck? And the Doctor? David Tennant and Nathan Fillion are probably going to have to battle each other to be crowned Nerd King and earn the privilege of sitting on the throne next to Zoe Saldana, the Nerd Queen.

While I was a little concerned about the pacing of the episode with so much happening at break-neck speed, “The Remembered” managed to find a groove before the halfway point and deliver a much more balanced experience than I feared it wouldn’t. Then again, a fast pace is to be expected with so much happening.

This really brings me to my only major hangup in the episode and that was the appearance of the Time Cop who’s name I can’t quite remember at the moment. I understand his role and I understand what he was doing there, but his appearance just happened and, to me, it was weird and kind of threw everything off. I realize that writing in an earlier introduction for him or even additional dialogue to explain who he is and what he’s doing was probably not possible in an episode crammed with so much plot, but part of me was just curious about him and needing more information. Perhaps that information is coming? Who knows… Maybe it was Gary’s mom in disguise. That would be a twist I’d probably forgive.

While I was a little concerned about the pacing of the episode with so much happening at break-neck speed, “The Remembered” managed to find a groove before the halfway point and deliver a much more balanced experience than I feared it wouldn’t. Then again, a fast pace is to be expected with so much happening.

Usually, when a science fiction television series does one of these grand tours of their past, it comes off as self-congratulatory… Look at us and how far we’ve come! Here, even though the show is only a little over halfway through its first season, Final Space feels like it’s earned it. “The Remembered” was a look back, but it was look back and a step forward as well.

To add a cherry to the top of this awesomesauce sundae, despite all of the heavy drama and plot-heavy story, “The Remembered” still managed to be incredibly funny. The elevator scene, the “this is serious” scene, even the gruesome origin of Gary’s flesh suit… it was all hilarious.

Seriously, guys… I’m going to start rooting for that alien family if Gary doesn’t stop traumatizing them.

I remember writing my first Final Space review after seeing Avacato blown out of a hole in the ship and musing, “Where does Final Space go from here?” Now, seeing Avacato returned as a blank slate, I find myself asking the same question. A myriad of possibilities are open, some good and some bad… I have absolutely no idea where Final Space is going, but I’m happily going with it.

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