Times Square

Times Square has a bad reputation as a tourist trap, loathed and avoided by native New Yorkers and, honestly, I completely understand why. It’s crowded, full of overpriced stores you can find quite literally anywhere else in the country, and the entertainers range from annoying to “Holy God, get away from me!”

Still, despite its many shortcomings and inconveniences, Times Square is amazing in all of the ways its meant to be. As a humble city boy, I have to admit that my flight or fight instincts kicked in from the over-stimulation of the people, sights, and electronic billboards that I had to fight the urge to run the heck away from it all screaming.

But, soon… everything equalizes and you just learn to enjoy the wonderful and weird crossroads of America.

Hey, look at me up on the big board. I’m famous!
Got a little rainy one night.

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