Roswell that Ends Well

Roswell, New Mexico is a tourist trap… a glorious, wonderful, and weird tourist trap where, supposedly, an alien flying saucer crash landed years ago and now, it’s the preeminent location for alien enthusiasts.

I am not an alien enthusiast and I don’t really believe that a UFO crashed there a half century ago, but I am attracted to weirdness and I love tacky tourists traps so, while I was passing through in 2008, I thought I would give it a look.

Would recommend!

Oh, hello fat me. How have you been living in the past?
Even the streetlights are watching you.
The UFO Museum. I understand it’s moved locations since 2008.
Jonathan Frakes, is that you?
Leaving Roswell behind. Goodbye, you crazy kooky wonderful place!

Written by Jason Gaston

Father, teacher, writer, photographer, artist, actor, male model, and inventor of the semicolon.

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