One Man’s Trash: The Ballad of Jolene

The kids and I were walking to a nearby fireworks stand to waste some money on the 4th of July when, passing some storage sheds, we heard the desperate cry of a kitten. It didn’t take long to figure out that the cries were coming from inside one of the empty units where, not surprisingly, we found a small, hungry, dehydrated kitten.

Some absolute monster had caught her and threw her inside the shed and shut the door, trapping her in an stuffy metal building on a 100 degree Texas day.

We rescued her with some degree of difficulty as she was terrified, took her home, gave her food, water, comfort, and a name… Jolene.

I’m not sure what monster did this to her or even why, but I’ve always felt that the measure of humanity is how you treat those less powerful than you and it’s a test that Jolene’s last humans failed miserably.

Jolene, in the meantime, has a new home with my sister and her kids.

The Babadook has a new friend.

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