Walt Disney Studios

The Disneyland Paris Resort has a second park called Walt Disney Studios, which is a lot like Hollywood Studios in Florida, but also a lot less. I would struggle to call Hollywood Studios even a half day park, more like a third-day park. I was done by noon.

I’m not sorry I went and I would do it again, but so much of the Disneyland Paris Resort feels oddly incomplete. The American parks are definitely superior.

The entrance of Walt Disney Studios goes through a sound stage stuffed with gift shops.
There seems to be a lot of Marvel representation in the park, but all it really boils down to are meet and greets with characters which is really disappointing.
The statues are fun, though.
Crush’s Coaster is a standout. This enclosed steel spin coaster is a fast and wild ride through the EAC with some fun theming.
That’s… actually really gross.
Score 5/5
Ratatouille is another cute yet ultimately underwhelming experience, but it earns points for novelty. The trackless ride system and theming are fun, but the 3D surround screen rides aren’t my favourite.
Still, only a five minute wait. That ain’t so bad.
Score: 4/5
The Tower of Terror is a classic, unfortunately, this is a clone of the less impressive and late Disneyland California Adventure version.
Score 4/5
Now, we come to the absolute worst experience in the entirety of Disneyland Paris, the Studio Tour. Folks, if you have a chance to go on this experience, shoot yourself in the foot and throw yourself off a cliff because I can guarantee you, it will be a more entertaining experience.
Do you remember Dinotopia? No, of course you don’t. Dinotopia was barely relevant when it was actually airing 20 years ago and now, no one knows what it is. Half of the tour is looking at props and sets from this almost quarter century old and forgotten television series!
Hey, remember Reign of Fire? No, you don’t! Well, get ready to remember nothing from this dragon based post apocalyptic box office bomb as your tram goes through what looks like a junk yard and, I don’t know… fire happens?
The Cruella de Vil car from the live action 101 Dalmatians movie is literally the only recognizable car in their boneyard.
Seeing Catastrophe Canyon again was kind of neat, but the Studio Tour is an expired and rotten attraction that’s been kept long after its self life is over. It’s not worth updating, just bulldoze the whole thing. Score: 0/5
Aerosmith’s Rock n’ Rollercoaster. A fun yet noticeable downgrade from the Orlando version, but I’m not complaining. Score 4/5.

It’s strange what an almost non-event my visit to Walt Disney Studios was. There’s absolutely no reason why this part should be a separate Park with a separate entrance fee. Honestly, and entire family could do Disneyland Paris in one day, and that’s both parks.

I’m glad I went and visited this place, but I can’t help but shake this feeling of disappointment.

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