Final Space Explores One of the Newbies in “The Grand Surrender”

Ash, one of the new members of Gary’s crew, reluctantly returns to her homeworld when her friends realize that it’s where one of the dimensional keys to open Final Space is. However, Ash must not only face her own traumatic past, but also a God-like snake monster because this show is nuts.

“The Grand Surrender” was another great episode, full of humor and tragedy.  The pacing was a bit rushed and I do think that much of the emotional impact was promptly neutered as a result which is odd considering that there was a good five minutes of B plot that proved to be inconsequential and mostly useless that could have easily been deleted from the episode all together and given the A plot more time to congeal and really bring the emotional payoff to full fruition.

Still, it was good. Not as strong as last week’s episode, but definitely more weird which is always a plus. It’s also great that the new characters are starting to get more development because, up until now, they only felt like temporary placeholders. Now that Ash has become more dynamic, she actually feels more like a member of the crew and I’m liking the dorky relationship that she’s developing with Little Cato.

If this show could just nail its pacing problem and focus on priorities in the plot, it would be perfect.

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