Notre Dame: The Wounded Lady

Like many, I watched in horror last April when fire engulfed the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and, while I’m not religious, I ached to see such a beautiful example of history and architecture go up in smoke.

It’s doubly ironic because, on the day of the fire, I was about to buy tickets to tour the cathedral during my Great Britian and France trip. I thought about just skipping Notre Dame all together as I felt that visiting her in jet damaged state made me an annoying disaster tourist, but my hotel was only a couple of miles away and I thought a walk through Paris would be fun.

She’s still beautiful, even in her damaged state. I was able to get relatively close and got some good pictures.

According to the French Government, Notre Dame will be restored and opened again in five years and, by no coincidence, that’s when I plan to return and take my long delayed tour of this beautiful lady.

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