Crossing Tower Bridge

World Famous Tower Bridge was on my agenda this trip, not only because it’s world famous, but because it marks a turning point for me.

You see, only last Summer, I had to rent a scooter at Disney World because I was so fat and so out of shape that I could not walk. Each step caused me pain, like a knife into the bottom of each foot and every movement was an exertion. Getting a mobility scooter just so I could keep up with my children was the lowest point in my life.

So, here I am… twelve months and later and almost 190 pounds lesser. On this day I walked from my hotel room to Westminster Abby to Buckingham Palace, through St. James Park, through Picadilly Circus, through Berkley Square, and then — after an Uber ride to The Tower of London because I wouldn’t have made it before closing — I went across Tower Bridge and back to my hotel. It was a nine and a half mile hike with 21,550 steps… something I was physically incapable of doing only a year ago.

This was a triumph for me. A victory lap. I may not be the fittest or the strongest, but I’m doing things I never thought I’d be able to do.

And I’m walking to all of my destinations tomorrow too!

And now, a traditional English rite of passage… fish and chips!

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