Westminster Abby

Perhaps the most famous place of worship in London, Westminster Abby has seen the coronation of kings and queens and the funerals and burials of some of the most important and brightest minds of our age, not to mention that it is an absolutely stunning piece of architecture with a history and presence all its own.

Once I got inside, surprise surprise… no photographs of the interior were allowed and I, always trying to be the best guest I can be, complied reluctantly. It was hard not to take pictures of what was in there. There are no words to communicate the immensity and the beauty of the place, not to mention the various graves and tombs that were literally all around and under us from Geoffrey Chaucer and Charles Dickens, to Nelson Mandella, Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking.

Once I exited into the cloisters, I was allowed to take more photographs.

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