Me at 43

Today’s my birthday and what a year it’s been. This year, I turn 43 years old and, over the last 365 days I have been on a course of self-improvement that has been a heck of a journey for me, transforming me physically and mentally.

This year, I have lost 180 pounds which is basically the size of a full grown adult. I’ve gone from weighing 408 pounds to 228… from morbidly obese to just plain old overweight like every American should be.

Now, I know it sounds like I’m bragging because I totally am and, yes, I went the surgical route but, I’ll tell you right now, anyone who says that having surgery to lose weight is the “easy way out” is an idiot because there was nothing easy about it.

So, here I am… Me at 43 ready to attack the next year. I’ve got a new job, I’ve got my sights set on Europe, and even more changes are on the horizon.

I am ready.

Me at 43 on the left, Me at 42 on the right.

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