Classic Doctor Who: “The Daleks”

A bit overlong, but never short on fun and creepiness, it’s interesting to see how the Daleks were introduced into the Whoniverse and why we take these shrieking little tin cans seriously. All in all, though, I think that “The Daleks” is an effective little collection of episodes even though the whole story probably could have been done in four instead of seven.

The characterizations are becoming more solid, if a little sexist. The way that Susan is treated by the writers is pretty shameful even though we’re supposed to believe that she achieved some sort of victory by walking back to the Tardis by herself. I know it’s 1963, but come on! How many times are we going to have to listen to this little girl cry?

Well, as I said, I liked it. I like how the show came together, I like how nasty and alien the Daleks are, and I constantly marveled at how the Thals knew so much Earth slang from the 1960s.

Are you guys probing people are what?

Fun episodes. Corny, but fun and that’s classic Who in a nutshell.

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