Classic Doctor Who: The Aztecs

The Tardis lands in an Aztec city and the Doctor is shocked that the Aztecs were white, apparently.

I honestly didn’t expect classic Doctor Who, at least the first season of Classic Doctor Who, to be this good. I guess it was my preconceptions of the corniness of the series, but “The Aztecs” just slapped those preconceptions around like it owed it money.

Simply put, this episode – despite the cheap sets and silly fight scenes – is just greatness, a story worthy enough to stand the test of time with philosophy still debated to this day. Is it right to change the future when you know a disaster is coming?

The end result is a classic tragedy with William Hartnell and Jacqueline Hill turning in some truely inspired performances. Throughout it all, though, the tragedy never gets too heavy… there’s moments for comedy and for hope and that my friends is what makes this serial so good.

It doesn’t even feel drawn out. It just feels like a great story.

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