The Disappointing and Badly Organized Texas Frightmare Weekend

This last weekend was my first trip to Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas or, more specifically, DFW Airport and might probably be my last. While the Dallas Fan Expo was the best run and most efficiently held con I’ve been to in my life, Texas Frightmare was the opposite side of the coin… a haphazard, overcrowded, and badly run mess that only got worse with every passing minute.

I feel almost bad writing this because this is the first time I’ve ever panned any place I’ve ever visited, but Frightmare was a nightmare… long waits, literal shoulder to shoulder conditions on the show floor, and ATMs that were, inexplicably out of money. The entire Sunday I was there, I was only able to meet one person, though it was Elvira and she was totally worth the 3 hour and 20 minute wait.

What’s worse, and believe me, I fully understand that this was not Texas Frightmare’s fault, is that I had my first run-in with hypoglycemia. It was completely unexpected, rather unpleasant, and I wouldn’t recommend it. There I was, standing in line for 3 hours and 20 minutes to meet my childhood crush, the woman that made me realize I liked women, when the room started spinning and I had to catch myself up against the wall or else fall over. I’d had a protein shake for breakfast, but foolishly thought that I would only be an hour or so inside the convention… three hours later, I was on the floor in a weakened pile that could barely stand.

The aftermath… I’m usually not this pale.

Fortunately, or stupidly… however you want to put it, I stuck it out as I was almost at the end of the line and I met her… Elvira, every bit as bubbly and beautiful as I remembered. She autographed a Funko Pop for me which was great as It’s the first Funko I’ve ever had autographed.

So, there is that.

I nodded to Tom Savini and he nodded back so that was cool. I couldn’t get near Bruce Campbell or Tim Curry (who I freakin’ idolize) and Jeffery Combs (another person I idolize) was five feet in front of me and yet, a shocking lack of ATM facilities kept me from getting his autograph… that and I felt like death warmed over.

I was so bummed out by the clusterfudge of a convention, I barely took pictures.

They need a bigger venue, they need a more organized format… they’ve grown too big, apparently, and it’s time for them to upgrade… put the fan experience over their bottom line. They’ll still make money, there’s no question about that Texas Frightmare is a popular event, but continuing to stage it this way will only make their attendance plummet in the future. Heck, I’m almost certain I won’t attend next year.

I’m not carving that in stone, though. We’ll see. I guess everyone deserves a second chance.

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