2019 Dallas Fan Expo: Day One

I’m proudly letting my geek flag fly this weekend in Dallas with the Fan Expo. This gathering of fans, creators, and celebrities is a must visit for comic book fans, and movie and TV fans.

Will Friedle, the voice of Batman Beyond and a super nice guy. We chatted about Thundercats.
Drew Stuzan, poster artist and absolute legend. It was sincerely an honor to meet him.
I nerded out here as I got to meet the entire main cast of Steven Universe, a show that I adore for its message of self-acceptance and love.
Estelle, the voice of Garnett, asked fans to sign her table.
Sadly, Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca in Star Wars, passed away earlier this week. He was scheduled to appear at Fan Expo this weekend, so his booth was transformed into a memorial with a guestbook that fans could sign for the Mayhew family.

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