That One Time AMC Took Me to Hollywood

The year was 2001 and I was a radio talent on a country music radio station. I took part in a fundraiser for film preservation sponsored by AMC and, as a result, I was selected to travel to Hollywood and take part in a live auction for Hollywood memorabilia.

It was an all expense paid trip, they gave me money to use in the auction (I won an autographed picture of Al Pacino), I actually appeared on AMC at one point during the auction which makes me every bit as famous as Brian Cranston and Norman Reedus in my estimation, I met Jennifer Tilly who was so incredibly sweet and personable, and I was given a VIP tour of Universal Studios where I got to visit the sets of Providence, The Scorpion King, and I got to run around the backlots and play in the famous Hill Valley set from Back to the Future.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. I took my mom with me because she’d taken me to so many places it was great to return the favor.

Written by Jason Gaston

Father, teacher, writer, photographer, artist, actor, male model, and inventor of the semicolon.

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