That One Time AMC Took Me to Hollywood

The year was 2001 and I was a radio talent on a country music radio station. I took part in a fundraiser for film preservation sponsored by AMC and, as a result, I was selected to travel to Hollywood and take part in a live auction for Hollywood memorabilia.

It was an all expense paid trip, they gave me money to use in the auction (I won an autographed picture of Al Pacino), I actually appeared on AMC at one point during the auction which makes me every bit as famous as Brian Cranston and Norman Reedus in my estimation, I met Jennifer Tilly who was so incredibly sweet and personable, and I was given a VIP tour of Universal Studios where I got to visit the sets of Providence, The Scorpion King, and I got to run around the backlots and play in the famous Hill Valley set from Back to the Future.

Overall, it was an amazing trip. I took my mom with me because she’d taken me to so many places it was great to return the favor.

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