Ali Baba Calaba’s Mastaba

Ali Baba Calaba built a Mastaba
On the banks of the river Casaba.
Saba Akaba Baba sent an Armada,
To destroy Ali Baba Calaba’s Casaba Mastaba.
Why?   Because he’s gotta!

Now Saba Akaba Baba’s Armada is at the Mastaba
Built by Ali Baba Calaba on the Casaba.
They came from the Gulf of Aqaba.
To beat that Mastaba like a piñata.
What can stop them?  Nada!

The saga of Ali Baba Calaba’s Mastaba became a Sonata,
Heard between Rubalcaba and Dhaba,
A saga told by papas and painted on terra cottas.
For Ali Baba Calaba’s Mastaba still stands on the River Casaba.
And Saba Akaba Baba?   He’s persona non grata!

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