The 2011 Saginaw Tornado

Have you ever had a sinking feeling like you should be anywhere other than where you are at that very moment? I had that feeling in May of 2011 when, standing in my backyard watching the storm clouds swirl overhead, I realized that pieces of my roof was flying through the air. I was right in the middle of a genuine tornado.

Now, being a born and bred Texas boy and all, tornado are nothing new to me. Although I would never be a storm chaser or enthusiast, I find them both frightening and fascinating and the chance to photograph one doesn’t come along every day. As a matter of fact, this was the first time I had ever done it once I was sure it was safe to step outside again.

I want to stress again, I took these pictures before the main storm hit and after the tornado had already passed by. At no time did I actually go outside while there was danger and neither should you!

Keeping the babies safe.

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