Teen Titans Go to the Movies is actually good and I think Hell is freezing over.

I hate Teen Titans Go something fierce. The show is a big believer that if something is random, it’s funny, which is a course not true. The fact that this show spin-off of a more successful and better television show, devolving the premise until it was as unrecognizable as a pile of vomit didn’t help.

So, it is with no small degree of embarrassment but I stand before you all today and say that Teen Titans go to the Movies is actually good. Believe me, no one is more shocked by that statement than I am. It is true, though, this movie is actually smart as far as Teen Titans Go can get and it has a lot of laughs making fun of DC, DC movies, and comics and pop culture in general.

Granted, this is not going to be a movie that wins Awards nor does it deserve to, but, I have to give credit where credit is due, a movie format for this type of comedy seems to work well for these characters and, as someone who has sat through The Avengers and Justice League, it’s nice to see a movie about a team of superheroes start out with the team strong and bonded instead of going through the tired cliches that we’ve seen over and over again we’re a diverse and different group has to learn how to reluctantly work together.

I’m not going to lie and say that this is a great movie because it is grating and annoying at times, but at other times it is fun and Light and colorful and has an infectious energy that you just can’t deny. I still think the TV show is garbage, but the movie was good.

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