The Caverns of Sonora

Usually, when you hear a roadside attraction boast itself as “The Most Beautiful Whatever in the World,” you want to roll your eyes at the conceit of it all.   Sure, it’s marketing, but is it really the most beautiful?

The Caverns of Sonora call themselves “The Most Beautiful Cave in the World,” but before you roll your eyes at this tiny out of the way cave in West Texas, I am here to say, don’t dismiss them so easily.   What they say… it’s probably true.

Situated a few miles outside of Sonora, Texas, these caverns are not easy to get to by the average traveler.    It’s 66 miles from San Angelo which, despite its charm, is barely a major city in the grand scheme of things and 171 miles from San Antonio.   This is not a place you accidentally find yourself in unless, maybe, you’re making a run to a Mexico border town.   No, this is a place you have to plan for and spend a whole day getting to if you’re lucky enough to live in the area.

Hardly seems worth it.   Or, at least, it would seem that way.   The truth is, The Caverns of Sonora is completely worth a day trip… or even a week-trip if you need to.  When they say it’s the most beautiful show cave in the world, they really mean it and one trip through its sticky humid passageways will convince you of their well-earned honesty.

A living cavern, its delicate formations have been viciously protected for over fifty years by the cave’s watchers, resulting in an underground walking tour through a one of a kind natural marvel.   This is the third time I’ve been here.   Even as a local West Texas boy, this place is out of the way, but, as I said, it’s a trip worth taking whether you’re from San Antonio or San Fransisco.  

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