Deadpool 2

Deadpool… he’s not the hero that we need, but he is the hero that we deserve… or something.

Yes, friends, Deadpool is back and this time around he has to save a little Kiwi butterball from a time-traveling Terminator known commonly as Cable and, fortunately for DP, he’s not doing it alone. He’s got a team this time!

Believe it or not, this follow up to the original movie about a foul-mouthed self-aware antihero is actually, dare I say, better than the movie that came before it. It’s true, yes… it is true. Expectations have been exceeded. Everything you loved about Deadpool has been turned up to a solid eleven as if the studio’s case of cold feet thawed once the money started rolling in.

I’m going to keep this review spoiler free and, honestly, that’s going to be difficult to do and talk about anything plot-related. Needless to say, Deadpool 2 is the kind of movie that gets a giddy satisfaction from throwing curveballs from the very beginning and it just keeps throwing them. Even the cameos in this movie are a thing of beauty. One of them looks like it took a lot of effort for maybe three seconds of wordless screen time and it’s glorious.

Whatever you think that the story might be, I promise you, it’s deeper than you think and the stakes are higher. I really like that about this movie… while Deadpool is a goofy, foul-mouthed, funny fellow, he never stops growing as a character. He never stops learning and never stops evolving as a person. It would be simple to write him off as a buffoon, but you can tell that more was wanted and I respect it when a movie goes the high route when it has no real reason to.

Zazie Beetz really brings a lot of energy to her role as Domino, the superhero with super good luck and, yes… it is cinematic. Not only is she lovely, but she has such a strong charisma and charm about her… She’s the perfect foil for Deadpool and his nuttiness without being a complete stick in the mud.

Without spoiling anything, I loved this movie. I loved it more than the original. The action is bigger, Deadpool is more Deadpooly and breaks the fourth wall more often (and no, it does not get old) and the story is a lot, lot, lot more interesting than it needed to be considering that this is the sequel to Deadpool.

You can tell that DP is in the hands of people who care about him.

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