Game Over, Man!

The guys from Workaholics made a movie and, because they are such righteous dudes, they put it on Netflix so you don’t have to leave the house and pay to buy a ticket to see a movie starring the guys from Workaholics.  

Personally, I never watched Workaholics.   I have nothing against the show nor to I have any strong feelings toward it.   It was just one of those television series that I happened to miss out on so, other than Adam Devine, I’m kind of unfamiliar with these guys, but I know their types:   Edgelords.  Those guys who walk the fine line between humor and being just horrible and yes, Game Over, Man! is a lot like that… sometimes it’s funny and, other times, you’d swear it was being written by the twelve year old class clown who makes fart noises because he thinks it’s funny.

So, what’s this movie about?   I’m glad you asked…. it’s basically Die Hard, but with, like, way more penises.   Yep, it’s one of those!

Yeah, occasionally, it’s funny when it’s shocking, but after so long, you’re rolling your eyes and sighing… “Yep, another penis shot.   That’s… sigh… certainly edgy.”

If I could come up with a more apt analogy, I would, but that just about sums up Game Over, Man!.   It’s overkill… overpenis.   It’s overpenised.

I’m copyrighting that word.   I own that term.   Pay me money.

Now, it’s not terrible and I have certainly… certainly seen worse.   The movie is actually is funny at times and you get the real sense that these three guys genuinely like each other because their chemistry is great.  It’s got some fun performances, some celebrity D-list cameos that end in death (that whole This is the End gag recycled, but still funny), and I laughed… I admit it and I feel no shame.

Other times, though, you’re watching the movie and wondering who in the hell thinks this is funny.   Seriously, are we still doing the sassy gay stereotype thing in 2018?   So much of the movie’s attempts to be edgy and offensive come off as lazy.  They see the obvious thing… they do the obvious thing.

Still, I’ve seen way worse.   The Netflix brand, when it comes to movies, is a mixed bag and I’ve only seen a couple that I would classify as “great.”   This one…. is okay, more often than not due to the chemistry of the actors and their genuine glee when they work together.

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