‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Officially Explodes out of Spacedock with “Into the Forest I Go”

The Klingons are coming to kill the absolute heck out of the Pauvans for helping Starfleet and Discovery is the only thing that’s going to stop a hailstorm of poo from falling on the planet, but to do this, they’ve got to see through the Klingon’s cloak and, to do that, they’ve got to go on board the Ship of Death and place some sensors. In any case, rest assured that everything will go according to plan, I’m sure.

I may be a little nuts here, but I think that Discovery just up and rebooted herself. I mean, obviously, there are going to be some spoilers here, so you might want to bail out now if you haven’t seen this episode, but “Into the Forest I Go” potentially just changed the entire show.

For one, with the breaking of the Klingon cloak, the Federation essentially just won the war. Sure, there’s going to be more fighting and exploding, but the Klingon’s tactical advantage just disappeared… like a cloak… only we can’t see it. Game over, man. Game over.

Now, there are some lingering elements like L’Rell who came on board and is in the brig and Tyler who is the most obvious plot twist since a Klingon was surgically and mentally altered to become a human and mascaraed unknowingly as a member of Discovery‘s crew (oh, that’s THIS twist, isn’t it?), but for the most part, it appears that the Klingon War is ending, or at least a fat Klingon woman is about to clear her throat and start singing.

However, now it appears that Discovery, thanks to a jump gone wrong, is lost… possibly in another part of the universe. It might not even be THIS universe.

So, has Discovery become Star Trek meets Sliders? Because, I won’t lie… that would be amazing.

Then again, maybe I’m reading too much into it.

Let’s just talk about the episode itself.

Unlike a lot of people, I actually like the concept of a midseason finale. Let’s face it, fellow Trekkies, this show would go on a Winter hiatus anyway, just like all of the Star Trek series that came before it, but the idea of a midseason finale, to me at least, helps keep the show fresh and moving — at least when it’s used right. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Once Upon a Time know how to work it and treat each half-season like a different season with new storylines and new adventures. “Into the Forest I Go” certainly felt more like a season finale than a midseason cliffhanger and, I’ve got to admit, if this would have been the end of the season, I would have been happy. So many thread were tied up neatly, so many payoffs were delivered, and the Ship of the Dead is now the Debris Field of the Dead with Kol, the Klingon usurper, nothing more than meaty chunks slowly freeze drying in the vacuum of space.

It was super satisfying.

Not only that, but character moments were paid off as well. I mean, yes… the Voq/Tyler thing is so obvious that it makes me want to cry to the point that, if they are not the same person, it would be a bigger twist in my book, but overall, I’m happy with where the characters have gone. From Staments finding enough inner peace to quit to even Lorca proving himself a capable and even honorable starship captain despite his below-the-surface unhingedness. I dig the journey that these characters have gone on and can’t want to see more.

What’s more, despite naysayers and doubters, the true winner here has been Star Trek: Discovery itself. Where its detractors went low, it went high and told a story that was grown up and mature, but kept the wide-eyed optimism and thirst for the unknown that Star Trek is famous for. In only a scant nine episodes so far, Discovery has not just paraded out of spacedock, it has exploded into the final frontier with confidence and grace with certainly the strongest freshmen season of any Star Trek spinoff so far.

Well worth a measly $5.99 a month, at this point, I view Discovery detractors with the same eye I view Trump supporters.

You’re wrong. You were wrong from the beginning. You keep remaining wrong. You will continue to be wrong.

The words will bounce off of them, of course, but that’s really all you can do.

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