Rick and Morty’s “The Rickshank Rickdemption” is How You Play an April Fools Prank!

I’m used to April Fools Day gags that are stupid or just plain mean, but Adult Swim really got us this year. The announcement that they were actually playing the actual season premiere to the actual third season of Rick and Morty pretty much sent me into a panic and down the stairs to the living room. Sure enough, there it was… and it was good. So good.

So, Rick is in prison, where we left him at the end of last season, and the Galactic Federation has annexed Earth. Jerry finally has a job and Morty and Beth have pretty much written Rick out of their lives and, strangely enough, the only one who stands up for Rick is Summer. Meanwhile, Rick’s mind is being invaded by Nathan Fillion all in an attempt to learn the secrets of the portal gun.

But, of course, this is all part of an elaborate plan.

The premiere was everything that a fan could hope for and more. The episode was smartly written, it had some great gags and dialogue, and situations that we left the characters in last year were solved in fairly logical ways that we’ve had in front of us the whole time. What’s more, it appears that this show gives less of a darn than Rick does as not only is the cliffhander resolved, but two other running plots were wrapped up as well, two plots that I could have sworn were going to be with the show for a while more.

Without spoiling anything, this episode was incredible… almost as incredible as the fact that it aired at all. I have high — heck, lets just call them insurmountable — hopes for the 3rd season of Rick and Morty and the surprise taste that we got on April Fools Day has only made me want more. Is this what it’s like to be under the effect of Rick Potion Number Nine? I want more Rick and Morty! Tell me where it is!

I also want szechuan sauce.

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