The Flash Meets Supergirl in “World’s Finest”

I started this week watching Superman and Batman wail on each in a grim and dark movie and followed it up watching a bright and cheerful meeting of The Flash and Supergirl.  There’s something to be said for optimism and joy, DC, and your lowly little TV shows just proved how excellently it can work.  Sure, the movie was fine and I did enjoy it, but I enjoyed the meeting between Barry and Kara even more simply because the sun was shining.

I’m not knocking Batman v Superman because, as I said, I enjoyed it… but I do think it went overboard with the darkness.  You nerds can put away the pitchforks, torches, and batarangs before you get hurt.

So, just when the temperamental ex-secretary at Catco finds out that she has a super-scream, The Flash accidentally crosses the dimensional barrier onto another channel where he and his new gal-pal, Supergirl, team up to take down the terrible twosome of Silver Banshee and Livewire.

“Fun” is the secret word here and fun, she be had.  Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoit had instantaneous chemistry together and the team up of Flash and Supergirl was everything I was expecting it to be… the antithesis of the DC Cinematic Universe where color and happiness are still a thing.  (Again, NOT knocking the movie).

While the episode did delve into some piles of corn — mostly with the already dull Kara and Jimmy romance where love is spelled with several “zzzzzzz’s” and the silly resolution to the red kyptonite story-line that wrapped up the trust issue that the city had with Kara way too quickly and way too neatly, I admire this episode for bringing together two characters from two separate channels and putting them on an adventure that wasn’t cheap or exploitative.   Was it a ratings grab?  You bet your little red undies it was, but it sure was a good one.

I’m looking forward to more of these and, while I had my doubts about it for a while, I’m enjoying the idea now of a DC Multiverse where everything happens at the same time…. movies and TV, past, present, and future.  Heck, who knows… Maybe the Grant Gustin Flash can meet the Ezra Miller Flash in a veritable cross-promotionary passing of the olive branch?  Perhaps there’s a Crisis on Infinite Earths movie in the future where Grant, Ezra, and John Wesley Shipp can join forces as the Flash of three worlds?

How would Ezra react to sunlight?  Would it kill him?

While it might not have been award-winning television, “Worlds Finest” was a geek’s dream come true and it all just felt right.  I’m ready for the next crossover, please.

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