The Walking Dead: “East” is a Garbage Episode With Characters Being Unbelievably Selfish and Stupid

All of Alexandria’s varsity players decide to say, “Forget it” and abandon the city for a bunch of reasons.  Daryl gets all mad and goes to extract some Savior vengeance.  Glenn, Michonne, and Rosita go after him because, apparently, if anything happens to Daryl, women will riot.  Meanwhile, Rick and Morgan go after Carol who fled the city in a fit of self-exile, PTSD, and remorse.

But hey… at least there’s not a war coming, right?  I mean, it’s not like some stuff has been set into motion and a tidal wave of white-hot diarrhea is flowing towards Alexandria at Warp Factor 10.

Naw, this was the perfect time for everyone to take a holiday.

I get that the show is trying to set things up for next weeks’ finale, but to separate the cast like this, by reverting certain characters into such childish stupid behaviors, was just ridiculous.  Daryl stomped out of Alexandria with all of the subtlety of a toddler upset that he couldn’t have ice cream for breakfast.  Carol didn’t leave much better.

Both of them… ridiculously stupid, ridiculously reckless, and ridiculously selfish.

Shall I even begin with Morgan?  I get that he’s supposed to be a pacifist now, but he has gone well past stupid and has entered nuisance territory.  For crap’s sake… T-Dawg never entered nuisance territory.   Sam was standing in the doorway of nuisance territory.  Morgan walks in with the key to the executive washroom twirling on one finger because he now owns the place.

It’s so weird… everyone, and I do mean everyone – myself included, was cheering for Morgan to return to The Walking Dead.  Now, I can’t wait for him to become a zombie kibble.

Morgan actually bragged about saving the Wolf like he did a good thing.  “I saved the Wolf and the Wolf saved Denise and Denise was there to save Carl!  You see, Rick?  It all comes around!”

Only… if Morgan had never held the Wolf prisoner in the first place, Denise wouldn’t have been treating him in the cell and wouldn’t have been away from the clinic in the first place.  Am I the only one who picked up on this?

Also, if Daryl had killed Dwight, Denise would still be alive.  Kind of blows a hole in his pacifism.

My point is… Screw you, Morgan.

Spoiler Alert

That cliffhanger?  Seriously, The Walking Dead, screw you.

You don’t get to do this twice.  The first time with Glenn was annoying enough with that weeks long “is he or is he not dead?” storyline, but you don’t get to pull this crap again.

There was a shot, there was blood splatter that apparently came from Daryl… if it came from a walker off screen or from some other source, I’m going to riot.

You do not get to pull the same cheap stunt twice.

This episode was infuriating.  Characters acting stupid, writing as bad as its ever been.   The scene with Carol was great as Melissa McBride continues to be amazing, but the rest of the episode was just a mess.  Not exactly a confidence builder a week before the big finale.

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