The Venture Bros.: “Red Means Stop” Blows It as a Season Finale

I knew it!  I saw the signs and portents last week and I knew… I just knew that this episode was going to be a disappointment.  I’m not jumping up and down for joy because, I am not joyous.  I have a major sad right now.

But I knew it.

The O.S.I. and the Guild of Calamitous Intent team up into an unthinkable team to catch The Blue Morpho in the act of supervillain assassination as The Monarch and Henchmen 21 go after the scariest supervillain of all time, The Red Death — who is actually a super nice guy.

All right, the good stuff… Clancy Brown was fantastic as The Red Death and extremely funny and weird.  It’s great to heard Lex Luthor himself voice such a kind and grandfatherly character and the entire situation was just so offbeat and weird that every scene that Red Death appeared in was gold.

Even seeing The Monarch be starstruck… terrifyingly starstruck was hysterical.  Everything Red Death related was amazing and funny.

Everything that didn’t contain The Red Death was bland and went nowhere.   Normally, I would chalk it up to a one-off episode where things didn’t come together, but this was the season finale and, at the end of the day, it was just a mess.  Everything felt tacked-on, nothing was resolved, and nothing felt important.  The Monarch needs to change who he is?  Well, duh… we as the audience have been well aware of that blastingly obvious fact for years since we first saw the guy show up wearing a butterfly suit.  This is neither news nor a finale-worthy revelation.

I was worried last week because it seemed like the show blew its wad and had its finale a week early.  I wish that the last two episodes had been switched because, at least then, we would have had our resolution be it as minor as it was.

As it is, Season Six of The Venture Bros. ends with a Saw parody and a barely audible fart.

So disappointing, but at least Clancy Brown made his scenes super.

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