“A Party for Tarzan” Finds The Venture Bros. Planning a Shindig

A starstuck Doctor Venture holds an eclipse watching party with the hopes of impressing Christopher Lambert while Doctor Mrs. The Monarch tries to put an end to the rampage of The Blue Morpho all while The Monarch returns to arching simply to provide himself with an alibi.

“A Party for Tarzan” was an amusing little episode of characters narrating and going about an eventuful day.  It was everything I’ve come to expect from The Venture Bros.:  Exciting, funny, fast-paced, and gloriously melancholy at times.  I’ve said it before, but it’s darn laudable how well this series is juggling so many different storylines in such a short run.  Teen Wolf has almost three times as many episodes and an entire hour every week and constantly messes it up.

This episode was just too good.  From 21’s story of how he fell into the Monarch’s crew, the Monarch’s explanation of how the Guild’s arching system works, and even Doctor Z”s hilarious story of accidental sex with The Blue Morpho (which had given rise to a new theory about The Monarch’s parentage)… it was just all funny and melded into something meaningful at the end.

I have to admit, with the whole resolution to the Doctor Venture/Blue Morpho/Doctor Mrs. The Monarch arch, I’m a little puzzled with how they’re going to handle the finale next week.  Seems that everything that was building all season has kind of fizzled out and it’s got me a little concerned.

Then again, maybe I should just shut up and trust this show.  God knows it’s earned it.

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