Legends of Tomorrow Course Corrects with “Marooned,” But Will They Stay on Course?

The Waverider answers a distress beacon from another ship and falls victim to time pirates (Yes, I am aware of how stupid that sounds).

So, aside from a flashback that was tenuously related to the plot but didn’t need to be in the episode at all, I have to say that this was one of the more focused efforts that Legends of Tomorrow has managed to shove out of its show-hole.  I’m even referring to the cringe-worthy romance that popped up between Ray and Kendra because, while it’s badly written, it was hand-in-hand with the story and wasn’t just tacked on like it was last week.

Legends of Tomorrow hasn’t achieved any measure of greatness and has struggled even to attain okayness, but I’m seeing the seeds here, finally.  The show is finally learning from its errors and missteps and taking some real chances.

This is not a compliment, mind you. This is me being enraged that these seeds weren’t planted seven episodes ago.  I mean, for crap’s sake, this show should be brilliant.  It should be playing with the gray areas between goodness and badness all the time.  Yes, it was awesome not only seeing Heatwave betray the team, but actually betray the team and mean it.  This guy was rotten all the way down to his core and to see someone fall to their true nature is not only tragic, but it’s also honest.  Brutally honest.   This was Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Look at the flowers” moment.

This episode wasn’t brilliant, mind you.  The flashback scenes were completely unnecessary even if they did link to the main plot, the Kendra and Ray romance is stupid, and did I miss something or was there some kind of weird reason why Jax and Stien never called up Firestorm?  I know it’s got to be tough on the budget, but the whole time I’m watching these assholes run from retarded time pirates, the only thing I can think of was, “Turn into Firestorm, you dummy!”

Then again, it probably would have been a short episode.

Speaking of dummies, how long is it going to be until the Legends kick Rip Hunter out of the captain’s chair?  He’s clearly incompetent and has no business being in charge of anything.  He can’t see an obvious trap coming from a mile away with a flashing neon sign that blinks “TRAP IN PROGRESS” on it.  He never assigns the powerful heroes where they need to go.  He’s an idiot and needs to stop being an idiot.

Another thing that’s annoying me about this show is that it’s a name-dropper.  Sure, Flash and Arrow does it too, but Legends does it to an insane degree.  Here’s an idea… instead of mentioning Kanjar Ro, why not have him be the time pirate’s leader instead?  It can’t be more ridiculous than actual time pirates!

I actually hated to see Mick go.  I’m not going to say “die” because no body means no death, but I know he probably won’t be around for a while and that’s a shame.  I would have liked to have seen more disintegration of his relationship with Snart, but Legends isn’t exactly becoming known for his subtlety or multi-layered writing.

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