The Venture Bros.: “Tanks for Nuttin'” is a Perfect Episode

A new villain arches Doctor Venture as the fallout from the death of Haranguetan at the hands of the Blue Morpho forces Doctor Mrs. The Monarch to seek out his widow.

Hands down, this was the best episode of the season.  Keith David was hysterical as Think Tank, whoever was voicing Battleaxe was perfect, and I am really digging Warrianna (I finally remember her name!) and Brock’s weird perverted relationship.

This was an episode that was simply firing on all cylinders.  Every scene was either important or funny, the characters were all feeding off of each other in the best possible ways, the encounter in the car garage was outstandingly done, and the climax at Ventech Tower had me rolling.

It was just perfect.  Everything about it was perfect.  I feel that if I write in in-depth review, I’m just going to be endlessly gushing over it which is, let’s be honest here, exactly what an episode like this deserves.

As I said, everything was on point.  Everything was funny and, best of all, the stakes for The Venture Bros. are only getting higher and higher with every episode.  I’m actually looking at the end of this short season coming and I’m already getting sad that it’s about to end for another couple of years until the creators get off their asses and make season 7.

Isn’t it weird how The Monarch has actually become more of a danger to Doctor Venture now than he ever has been completely by accident?  It’s just another level to how gosh darned brilliant this season has been.

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