The Venture Bros.: “Faking Miracles” Continues a Consistently Hilarious Season

Doctor Venture, White, and Billy Quizboy are working to get Ventech’s superscience wing going again when they accidentally release a swarm of nanobots.  Meanwhile, The Monarch discovers his father was a superhero and runs afoul of the villainous Wide Whale before being set up by an imposter for illegally arching the Ventures without a permit.

I’ll say this for the new season:  This stuff is consistently funny and that’s really the most I can ask of it.  I’m enjoying the overall arch and connecting nature of every episode this season, how the previous episode sets up the new episode and so on and, to be honest, I like where everything is going.  Season Six has been all about shaking up the status quo and it looks like it’s not done yet.

Firstly, it’s good to see Doctor Venture returning to superscience and riding his dead brother’s coattails for a while instead of his father’s.  It fits in perfectly with the character he is and, not only that, also – in a way – demonstrated a side of Rusty that was superior to JJ in that Rusty does care about science where JJ merely cared about profit.  Rusty might not be that good at science, but at least his heart’s in the right place.

Since the clones of Hank and Dean were destroyed, we’ve seen some amazing growth in these characters in that… well, they’re finally being allowed to grow up.  Dean’s going to college and Hank is actually turning into a suave guy.  I’m enjoy watching these two kids begin the journey of their lives, stumped toes and all.

Finally, the big reveal is that The Monarch is the son of a superhero called The Blue Morpho.  This could be huge for the season as it could have Monarch move into the superhero business full time.  Could 21 be the new Kano?  We’ll just have to see.

“Faking Miracles” was mostly an episode devoted to placing chess pieces on the board, but it was done in an entertaining and funny way and has me curious (to say the least) about where it’s going next.  As usual with The Venture Bros., it was extremely well done.

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