The Venture Bros.: “Maybe No Go” is Another Examination of Failure

Billy Quizboy and White square off against their arch nemesis, Saint Cloud, as Brock and Sargent Vatred prepare to meet Doctor Venture’s new arch nemesis, Wide Whale.  Meanwhile, the Monarch and 21 try their darnedest to arch Doctor Venture again and stumble upon an incredible secret.

A bit underwhelming from last week and perhaps packed a little too deep with too many plotlines, “Maybe No Go” was still an excellent way to kill a half hour.  Out of all of the bouncing story-lines, White and Billy’s was the best and the most engaging and honest.  The Venture Bros. has always been about beautiful failure and to see Billy Quizboy finally realize his dream of becoming a superspy and completely sucking at it at every turn was so very… Venture Bros.   I’m not sure how else to put it.

The final moments of the episode show Billy and White at their most honest as they come to a literal and figurative bridge to cross as Billy’s dream shatters all around them.  I’d cry if I wasn’t laughing so hard at Saint Cloud’s sacrilegious antics with collectibles.

I wasn’t too impressed with Wide Whale’s attack on VenTech as it seemed awfully anticlimactic considering how it was set up, but it’s amusing to see Brock and Vatred bond over protecting the family.

The most hilarious development of the episode was The Monarch and 21 trying to get higher on the Venture waiting list.  I swear, I could watch an hour of these two and Doctor Mrs. The Monarch and be fully entertained.

“Maybe No Go” didn’t strike me as the first episode did, but it’s a certainly better than average if overstuffed offering of Ventury goodness.

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