Heroes Reborn: The latest episode, “The Needs of the Many,” Sees this Reboot Become an Even More Toxic Dumpster Fire

After a car accident, Tommy must reveal his secret to save his mother.  Meanwhile, Carlos embraces his inherited superhero role with a new costume.  Meanwhile, Luke’s new powers become impossible to hide as he and his wife continue their evo killing spree.   Meanwhile, Bennett and his totally not Zach Galifianakis sidekick search for Molly and the truth behind the events of June 13th.  Meanwhile, those two chicks from the Arctic move South.   Meanwhile, the annoying Japanese gamers fly to America and, unfortunately, don’t die in a plane crash on the way there.

It is… amazing how incompetent this series is becoming.  Heroes Reborn has no focus, it has no direction, the dialogue is laughably bad, and many of the new actors are some of the worst I’ve ever seen.

This show is just spiraling into a cesspool of television feces… overblown, overwritten, with its eyes and hands all over the place.  Too many characters… too many bad characters… not enough time spent on the storylines that are sort of working and too much attention to the ones that aren’t.

The gamer couple are terrible.  The evo serial killer characters are terrible.   That bearded guy who’s hanging around Bennett is terrible and the show seems blissfully ignorant of how terrible they are.  Heroes Reborn may be trying to be good television, but it’s being hampered by its own incompetence, the kind of incompetence that you just can’t get mad at because it’s just so fascinating.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I continue to watch this show and, to be honest, I wonder that as well…  The thing is, ever since the original Heroes, I have wanted this show to be good.  There is such promise in the premise, but the execution has, since the 2nd season of the original series, been crap.

Part of me hopes it will be good again… Part of me accepts that it never will be, but I still hope and I still hang on.

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