Fear the Walking Dead: “Not Fade Away” is Yet Another Butt-Numbingly Boring Episode Where Nothing Happens

Society has officially fallen apparently, but luckily the army has arrived and fenced off the neighborhood of the dysfunctional family that takes up our screens in this TV show.  However, everyone has a bad feeling about things and…

…that’s all that happens.


Not a thing happens for almost the entire butt-numbingly boring episode.

Yeah, there is a minor thing in the last few minutes, but can we be honest here… does anyone care at this point?   Do any of you actually give a good solid bowel movement about a single one of these appallingly dull people?  The characters on this show are so one-dimensional and interchangeable that I have just discovered that I can’t even remember a single one of their names.    You could swap out the dad for the Mexican dad character and the story would not change.  Not one bit.

What’s worse, the pathetically paced plot has died but, unlike the zombies that apparently can only make cameos in this show, it doesn’t seem to have a good chance at a resurrection.  Fifteen minutes tick by and nothing happens.  Thirty minutes… nothing happens.  It’s like getting your time wasted.

I am not entertained by a show that has characters running around trying to figure out everything that we as the audience have known for years.  I’m not entertained by this fake rivalry between the girlfriend and ex-wife, and Nick can just have a overdose at this point and I wouldn’t care any less than the absolute zero cares I’m already ready to give.

This show has lost it… the wheels have come off the bus, kids.

Rarely do I become so angered at a show that I feel the need to shut it off before it’s done, but “Not Fade Away” was just wretched.  Finishing it felt like a chore… watching it felt like a punishment.  This entire episode was such a colossal boring waste of time and energy.  It could have probably been dropped from the season and no one would have noticed.I understand that Fear the Walking Dead is supposed to be on a slow burn, but for goodness sake, will someone at least turn the gas on already?

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