Say Hello to “Scream Queens,” the Slasher Series that Just Might Work

When MTV bowed their series Scream a few months back, I lamented that the idea of a slasher TV show was interesting, but the execution of that putrid series ran me off after the first episode.  Now it appears that Scream Queens has finally taken that idea and made it something worth watching.

If I were to describe this series as anything, it’s Scream (the movie, not the TV show) meets Mean Girls.  A very uptight and snooty sorority run by the witchiest witch that has ever complain has caught the attention of not only a serial killer, but worse yet the new dean on campus who is determined to undermine the sorority and destroy it by making it accept anyone.

The resulting horror/comedy is trashy and tawdry… a collection of black humor that assaults you with tastelessness and malevolence and I loved it.  I loved every minute of it.

It’s smartly written, the dialogue is witty, and there is an unpredictability about the thing that is so much fun.  Scream Queens practically assaults you with its hilarious wrongness and evil characters who probably deserve what’s coming to them.  However, rather than just hating these women, you actually want to root for them a little… it’s weird.

Scream Queens is probably the most surprising and unexpected series I’ve gotten into this season.  I’m actually a little ashamed… this is like my Glee phase all over again.

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