“Chickens” Finally Gives Todd Something to Do and Gives ‘Bojack Horseman’ a Strange Philosophical Question

Although I enjoyed this misadventure of characters finding purpose, I sort of wish that it had done more with its premise because it was actually pretty fascinating: In a world where humans and anthropomorphized animals live side by side, where do they get the meat? Are chickens and cows okay with eating their own species?

As it turns out… yes, they kind of are. In the Bojack world, chickens are born into classes… the “friend” class and the “food” class. One class is educated and elite while the other is pumped full of hormones and fattened up to be slaughtered.

So, when one of the food chickens escapes from a slaughterhouse truck, Todd takes it in and wants to protect it. Diane, who has been put in charge of watching a director’s daughter, joins him leading into one of the strangest Bojack Horseman teamups in the show as they try to evade cops and get the chicken somewhere safe.

Tood has been a rather dead end this season and it was nice to see him graduate to an A story where he can actually shine. Everyone on Bojack Horseman is unhappy in some way and Todd, for all of his blissful ignorance, is aimless and has no purpose in his life. To see him actually become driven to achieve something was an interesting change.

Everything with this episode worked from the machine gun fire jokes to the self-aware nature of the plot and the one-off character of Officer Meow Meow Fluffyface who was hysterical. I wish they’d done more with the premise, but the face they even touched on something this weird is laudable enough.

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