‘Rick and Morty’ Takes Weird Ideas and Makes them Look Easy with “A Rickle in Time”

After freezing time for six months so that he, Morty, and Summer could clean and repair the house following an amazing party last season, Rick accidentally breaks time and his and the kids uncertainty could doom them all.

The opening of the shows second season is basically everything that I was hoping for, a strange story, lots of humor, and a wonderful sense that the entire story was completely out of control. I say that as a compliment as Rick and Morty has been one of the most unpredictable television shows that I have seen in a long time. It helps also that the show is riotously funny and playfully cynical, but at the same time possesses a singular affection for its characters.

Take this episode for example. The story is wildly creative, I would even go as far as to say experimental because how many other times have you ever seen a story played in this way? A split screen slightly different and yet same story repeating at the same time. Just describing the concept of broken time makes my head hurt and yet Rick and Morty manages to tell the story as though it’s an everyday occurrence. This is not something that happens by accident, this is something that happens when incredibly intelligent writers are put into the same room.

What I found most wonderful about the show is that it is unexpectedly human. Sure, you have the sweet and yet inconsequential story of Morty’s parents hitting a horse and the dad using it to show his wife how much he loves her. But unexpectedly, you have a sudden and noble show from Rick that demonstrates how much he loves Morty. It was very sweet.

My goodness, I love the show. Rick and Morty is the spiritual successor to Futurama and probably one of the most inventive and funny shows that on television today. The opener to season two was true to form and demonstrated everything about the show that works.And demonstrated everything about the show that works. Weird ideas, great humor, and wonderful characters. What’s more, Rick and Morty make it look easy and that is the true hallmark of talent at work.

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