‘Teen Wolf’ Unleashes Some Chimera Madness with “Required Reading”

There is a game in play. No one knows the rules, no one knows the prize, and the only thing that anyone is sure of is that the good guys are losing.

It’s chimera madness in Beacon Hills this week as we learn that no less than ten chimeras are active and the little unnatural supernatural abominations are out of control and targeting Scott and his happy pack which seems perfectly happy tearing itself up from the inside. After all, Stiles is keeping his accidental murder of Donovan secret, Scott is keeping Kira’s deteriorating Kitsune state a secret, and Theo is in there just messing everything up for everyone. One thing is for sure, although poo seems to hit the fan every episode this season, a gargantuan blob of rancid feces is incoming and it’s only a matter of time before it turns this show into a crater.

Personally, I’m loving it and I’m rather impressed that the intensity and the tension of the season has been able to maintain itself so strongly and consistently. Since the first episode, it seems like every character on the show has a ticking clock over their heads and the idea that the unseen numbers tick down and tick down and tick down more and more is so evident that it almost hurts.

Teen Wolf has found, it seems, the perfect balance of revelation and secrecy this season with the Dread Doctors. We know Theo is shady, but his seemingly shifting loyalties and motivations keep him a mystery. Is he a good guy? Is he a bad guy? We don’t know! Rather than boring us with tease after tease, this show is revealing more and more every week, yet the Doctor’s master plan is still as mysterious as ever.

I’m actually pretty fearful over my characters on this show. I’ve often said that one of the things that continually attracts me to this show is that the characters on it are intelligent people behaving intelligently and, to see them become subdued and defeated by their own inner demons and insecurities is just so… so… Teen Wolfy.

It’s losing a few points this week for some weird scenes that seemed unnecessary. The Malia and Theo scenes were only there to make teenage girls and ten percent of the male population wet at the sight of Theo’s sickeningly perfect body and to interrupt Scott’s asthma attack with a cutesy game of one-upsmanship on the practice field was just weird and broke the tension of the scene, but overall the show is still going strong, still delivering a hell of an arch, and making me pray to the Nematon that the season won’t peter out before delivering what should be a killer of a finale.

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