The Philosophical State of Being in ‘Ted 2’

Ted the teddy bear is back and he wants his civil rights.

Ted and Tammy Lynn have gotten married and they want to adopt a child, but the government surprises them by proclaiming that Ted is not a person, but rather property and he cannot adopt, get married, or even hold a job. So, Ted decides to go to court for his rights to be his own person.

If you liked the first Ted, this one is pretty much going to be up your alley as well and, if anything, you can take heart that it’s a far far superior movie than A Million Ways to Die in the West, Seth MacFarland’s last attempt at a comedy.

Personally, I thought Ted was genius and, yes, Ted 2 is every bit as good but one thing that I found appealing about Ted 2 and something that sets it apart from the original is that there is actually a poignancy to it. I dig the whole philosophical question that was posed on whether Ted is an actual person and, given what’s happened in the Supreme Court in the last few days, maybe it’s made it a little more topical… accidentally topical, but topical none the less.

I don’t know… Seth MacFarland gets a lot dumped on him by people simply because he’s successful and, yeah, I know his brand of humor isn’t for everyone but I often think that a lot of the criticism directed towards him is unfair. I’ve always said that if you go into a comedy and laugh enough to justify the price of admission, the movie you just saw was a success and, let me tell you kids, I laughed a lot in Ted 2. There is humor there, there are characters who, no matter how big of a failure they are, you still like them, and the ridiculousness of it all is just… appealing on so many levels. In their never-ending quest to tear McFarland down, people overlook what a wonderful and magical idea Ted is and the fact that I don’t think a single other creator could have brought him to the masses like McFarland did.

You’ve got to give the guy credit.

As for me, I enjoyed this movie… I laughed. I thought it was worth a ticket price and really… with a comedy, that’s more than enough of a recommendation.

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