Sense8 Finally Gets Its Act Together With “Demons”

When Manni says “s**t just got real,” she wasn’t kidding.  I’ve been getting a tad bored with this show and last episode almost made me jump off the bus, but with this week, it most definitely got real and it seems that the telepathic connection between the eight sensates is finally actually being used.

And, of course, they use it for an orgy which is just… fantastic.  I’m not being the least bit sarcastic there either, it was weird and funny and uncomfortable and everything unexpected which, in a show that seems to thrive on doing the expected, was welcome.

It was also nice to actually have Riley take part in a story rather than just having a few things happen to her to react to.  Aside from the first episode and a bit in the second, she’s been a glorified piece of furniture.  The bond that she’s forming with Will seems organic and genuine and the two appear to have good chemistry together.

The show seems to finally be getting it together and become a more tightly coherent presentation.  I felt that the character stories are becoming less and less isolated and more intertwined and, as a result, the show is gaining a focus that it has been irritatingly lacking.

So, it wasn’t a home run as the show is still awash in annoying cliches such as Nyx, the bad guy who tried to suffocate Riley — he seemed like he was right out of a comic book published in the 60’s, but it feels like this is the closest to a home run that Sense8 has accomplished so far.

On to episode seven.

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