Sense8 Isn’t Must-See TV But it Might Be Getting There with “Smart Money’s on the Skinny Bitch”

Eight people from around the world are psychically intertwined only none of them understand how or why it’s happening, but at least they’re finally learning how to kind of use their… would you call them ‘powers’?  They seem more like specialized skills more than anything else, but who am I to argue besides being the one who is currently writing this review that you are reading?

With episode three of Sense8, we shift primary focus to Sun, the Korean business woman and Capheus, the Kenyan bus driver.  Other characters make appearances as well, but Sun and Capheus take the spotlight.  I’m finding this series seems to work better when it does that… treating the ensemble like a painting and taking each episode to appreciate its different aspects.

I’m also becoming pleasantly relieved that the crux of the series is finally coming to light as I wasn’t sure I could deal with much more of this forced mystery with little to no revelation.  The end sequence when Capheus fights off the gang members with the help of Sun and Will’s skills was an exciting and energetic sequence and makes me exciting over what’s to come.

Nomi’s story is becoming a little more interesting as well with her flash of defiance, but it was short lived.  I’ve got to say, though, that her almost brain surgery was and incredibly tense moment with a clever save.

It’s still not must-see TV,  but it’s getting there.  Sense8 is still a beautifully shot series with a lot of potential, but three episodes into its twelve episode run, I’m becoming a little concerned that it’s going to be squandered on style with nothing left for substance the way that Heroes finished its first season.

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